Our Planning Process

Financial security – everybody wants it, but it can be hard to talk about and can feel overwhelming (remember that mountain climbing analogy?). Our vision at Anchor Point Wealth Advisors is to help each of our clients build and implement a custom financial plan that will allow them to live the life they want – now and in the future.

This doesn’t happen by chance. Strong financial plans require a commitment of time (yours and ours) and sound decision making. Our team will work to understand your current personal and financial circumstances and your goals for the future. Together, we will work to put together a range of options to get you from where you are to where you want to be. From there, we’ll develop a plan that balances your short-term needs with your long-term goals.

Once your unique plan is created, we’ll work with you to implement it. Then, we will continue to stay in touch so that as your needs evolve over time, we can make the changes necessary to your plan to protect your overall financial picture for the future.